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Dollar Pancakes, 6p (VG/V/DF)

In case you ever find yourself wanting pancakes, but not having any eggs in the house (or bananas, or chia seeds, or flax seeds, or vegan egg replacer), here’s a cheeky cheaty recipe – because some things are just too good to keep to yourself. Serves 4-6, depending on appetite, from 6p each 150g plain flour, 7p  (65p/1.5kg, Sainsburys Basics) 2 tbsp cornflour, 5p (£1.30/500g, Sainsburys) 1 tsp baking powder, 4p (90p/100g, Sainsburys) A pinch of salt (optional), <1p (45p/750g, Sainsburys Basics) 2 tbsp sugar, 1p (80p/1kg, Sainsburys) 150ml milk (I use soy for vegan pancakes), 14p (90p/1 litre,...

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Applesauce Pancakes, 17p (VG/V/DF)

Pancakes became something of a tradition in my household when Small Boy started school; our lazy days of laconic love-ins giving way to 6am alarm calls, nervous breakdowns in the morning about where the bloody hell the latest school jumper could possibly be, finding every left shoe in the house and not a single right one. Weekend breakfasts became a snapshot of togetherness, long lazy breakfasts rolling into lunches, often eaten in bed, with newspapers for me and a comic book for him. Saturdays are pancake days, and no two weeks are the same – and this is one...

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Live Below The Line Day 6: Breakfast Banana Barley Pancakes with peaches and yoghurt, 24p

This morning saw the use-up of some of my last ingredients from Monday’s £5 ‘below the line’ shop – including the largest of all the bananas at a whopping 11p (the other two were 6p and 7p respectively) – I’d been saving this one until the bitter end as in previous years I’ve used all the good stuff first and trudged over the line at the end of the week – who remembers the 80p sausages and 15p stuffing from 2013?!  And somehow I managed to make a tin of peaches eke out over six days, willpower previously unknown...

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Live Below The Line: Barley Pancakes with Yoghurt & Peaches, 23P

   Makes 4 small pancakes 20g barley flour (pearl barley, ground in blender and sifted), 2p 40g natural yoghurt, 4p 1 egg, 14p 2 peach slices (30g), 3p To make the barley flour, I put a few handfuls of pearl barley in my blender and pulsed it for 30 seconds, then repeated an absolutely laborious amount of times. Tipped it into a sieve over a mixing bowl and sifted the finely ground grain out, and jarred it up as flour. I was left with lots of tiny broken bits, and have put them in a separate jar to do...

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Porridge Pancakes

If, like me, you never get the porridge quantities quite right in the mornings, these are a great solution to the problem of what to do with the leftovers. Credit where it’s due: the idea was Allegra’s initially – one day, looking at all the porridge still in the pot, she mused out loud, “I wonder if you can make pancakes out of leftover porridge.” Imagine our glee when we realised that, yes, we can. leftover porridge (I make mine with oats and water – don’t tell the children – and add only a splash of milk at the...

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