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Beet Wellington, £1.34 [VEGAN]

This is one of my more difficult recipes, but I approach it in stages, treating the duxelles as a separate recipe on its own and making it in advance to lessen the workload a little. I can promise you that the end result is completely worth it – a vegan ‘special occasion’ dinner for Sunday roasts, festive feasts, date nights, or any other occasion where you really want to push the boat out. I have made many a vegetarian wellington, ranging from whole flat portobello mushrooms wrapped in spinach, to a black bean and chestnut version, but my favourite...

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Biscoff Ice Cream, 42p [VEGAN]

Of all of the hundreds, if not thousands, of dishes I have made for Small Boy and Mrs J, both of them instantly declared this to be ‘the best’ of all of them. And that’s quite some compliment indeed. Mrs J despises coconut, detects it in absolutely anything I try to smuggle it in, but the Biscoff was a sufficient disguise for it here, so if you aren’t a huge coconut fan, bear that in mind and perhaps give it a go. I have piled this into a KnickerBiscoff Glory, sandwiched it between Biscoff biscuits for the ultimate warm...

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Everyday (Vegan) Sausages, 38p

This is a brand new and exclusive recipe from my new book Vegan(ish), published in December. I get a few questions about the title, so just to be clear, it’s a totally vegan book full of totally vegan recipes – I just describe myself as ‘veganish’ these days because I still occasionally work with animal products, but the book is 100% deliciously vegan. You can grab a copy here – I think it’s my best yet! I fear that the term ‘everyday sausages’ somewhat underplays the magnificence of these simple beasts; but they are my favourite go-to vegan sausage...

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Vegan (ish) (Pre-Order! Out December 26th!)

Pre Order Jack Monroe’s Vegan (ish): 100 simple, budget recipes that don’t cost the earth

***PLEASE NOTE*** This is a pre-order, the book is released on the 26th December.

One hundred creative, delicious vegan recipes from award-winning campaigner and bestselling writer and anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe.
This collection of simple, affordable recipes will encourage everyone to give vegan cookery a try. Packed with inventive, easy and 100% vegan dishes, this book suits almost everyone: whether you are looking to take the leap, want to be a little kinder to the planet, need ideas to cook for a vegan friend, or simply want to put some more plant power in your everyday cooking.
From Breakfast Muckmuffins to Beet Wellington, Kinda-Carbonara to Bakewell Tart (and an infamously secret-until-now ‘Pork Belly’), Jack’s easy, vibrant home cooking is tasty, tempting, and surprisingly uncomplicated and appeals whether you are a full-time vegan or would like new and exciting ways to eat more greens.

Reviews –

Jack Monroe is both cookery writer and tenacious campaigner . . . she understands first hand what it’s like to be skint and have the desire to put something delicious on the table. Author: Nigel Slater

These are wonderful and inspiring recipes. Author: Nigella Lawson on Cooking on a Bootstrap

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