Author: Jack Monroe

Marmite Bread, 9p

I love Marmite on toast as a simple, quick and healthy breakfast, but my mischievous mind is always stretching possibilities and pondering, and for a while I had been wondering whether I could make Marmite *in* toast instead. This recipe is not for the faint hearted – I use a LOT of the sticky black stuff, so you may wish to temper it slightly – but it has quickly won a place in the heart of my kitchen; for breakfast, spread with butter or peanut butter, or dunked into tomato soup, or with a little cheese melted on top…...

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Broad Bean Salad, 38p

Broad beans can be bought frozen for around £1.50 for a 750g bag – much cheaper than their fresh counterparts, and no prising them from fiddly little pods either – although I do love thumbing the velvety lining of fresh pods to pop them out… Whether you choose fresh or frozen beans, this salad uses a lot of storecupboard basic ingredients, like lemon, garlic, herbs and cheese. It takes just minutes to knock together, and I think it tastes like summer’s coming… 140g broad beans, 23p (£1.25/750g frozen broad beans, Asda) 40g hard strong cheese, 43p (£1.60/150g, Smart Price...

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Chickpea & Tomato Brunch Loaf, 17p

This loaf first appeared in my first cookbook, A Girl Called Jack, and is a favourite weekend recipe of mine. It was based on a similar loaf from Economy Gastronomy, by Allegra McEvedy and Paul Merrett, using mashed chickpeas and sun dried tomatoes, but mine is, as ever, the more austere version. It is delightfully accidentally vegan, and robust enough for toasting, serving with a pile of grilled tomatoes or some kind of roasted red pepper dip. If you don’t finish it before it goes stale, the breadcrumbs make an excellent topping for a simple pasta dish, too. Makes...

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Tinned Mandarin & Basil Risotto, 43p

This recipe is an upgraded version of yesterdays 29p white bean, white wine & garlic risotto, a riff on the leftovers to make them a little more exciting. Yesterday I craved bland comforting cuddly bliss, but today, with the wind howling down the hallway of my little rickety coastal house, I wanted something sunnier and bolder to lift my mood. My first book, A Girl Called Jack, featured a mandarin and basil pasta dish based on one in Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook, a book I adore and treasure and use as inspiration time and time again for the odd...

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