Author: Jack Monroe

[NEW!] Marmite, Peanut Butter & Honey Popcorn, 11p

This came about by accident; I couldn’t decide between peanut butter and marmite popcorn, or peanut butter and honey, so on a whim I decided to amalgamate all three. And good lord, I have no regrets about it at all. The tang of marmite, earthiness of the peanut butter and the sweet stickiness of the honey are a triumvirate of absolute bliss – Caroline and I polished off the bowl faster than I could say ‘How many should this serve? Four? Oh. Us.’ To make this vegan, replace the honey with golden syrup, or other thick liquid sweetener of...

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[NEW!] Apple, Pear and Sultana Baked Oats, 29p

I love to start the week for my little family with slightly luxurious breakfasts when time permits, but I’m currently on a book deadline and have been at my desk since 0630 this morning. However, this pudding-for-breakfast takes mere seconds to assemble, and tastes like love, and goodness, and a comforting blast of warmth on a slightly chilly morning. Mrs J and Small Boy were delighted, and I took the remains of the tin back to my desk to nibble on as I worked. Although decadent tasting, these oats contain three of your five a day (two if sharing...

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Chocolate Ice Cream Cake, 5p

Ice cream is my catch-all cheer-up indulgence, eaten by the pint in front of light comedic television, or crime scene dramas, depending on my mood. One Saturday evening, alone, on the turn of Autumn, I found myself partway down a tub of chocolate ice cream, wondering if I could use it as a substitute for the majority of ingredients in a traditional cake recipe. Ice cream is, after all, made from eggs, fat (the milk and/or cream) and sugar, all key building blocks in a standard sponge. I pottered to the kitchen with it in hand, and set it...

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Chestnut, Apple & Stilton Roast, 36p

I buy vacuum packed chestnuts in December and January, when supermarkets mark them down to get rid of their Christmas stock. They have a long shelf life, so last well into the year. The cheapest I have found them was 20p a bag, in Asda last year, and my friend Caroline, a fellow yellow-sticker aficionado, has given me several packets of chestnut puree over the years. If chestnuts are outside of your price bracket, any nuts will do; search the snack aisle in the supermarket for cheap bags of redskin peanuts, or salted peanuts and cashews. Simply soak them...

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Bruised Eton Mess, 76p

As the wife-to-be of a news commissioner, my small household is often saturated with the goings on of the day. Radio 4 in the bedroom and bathroom, BBC news and Channel 4 and Sky flicked through all evening, half a dozen newspapers on the mat at any given moment and a veritable hoard of them stuffed beside the toilet and under the sofa. As much as I try to shut it out for my own mental health and encroaching book deadlines, I couldn’t fail to notice that it’s all going rather awry at the moment. A few years ago...

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