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[UPDATE!] Your GoFundMe Donations for getting Tin Can Cook to foodbanks

A quick update on the GoFundMe page for donating copies of Tin Can Cook to foodbanks. Thank you so much for the support you’ve given to this project so far. I have an exciting update today which means that your generous donations will cover more tinned goods and more copies of Tin Can Cook than I originally worked out.   The total donation at the time of writing is £23,977, (less the GoFundMe admin fee of £916.63 – which I have no control over) making a whopping £23,060.37 donated. This entire amount is going to be used to supply books to food banks. ...

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[NEW!] Biscoff Crumble Key Lime Pie, 66p

I’ll be frank with you, this pie is something of a commitment. It needs starting the night before, with two separate trips to the oven and two to the fridge, but the result is fantastically worth it. I make this in a 15cm (six inch) deep cake tin; although it looks smaller when presented to guests or family, the depth on it is astounding, and the ratio of lime cream to base works very well. As a naturally clumsy person, I find that smaller, deeper crumb crust pies are easier to handle, with less chance of cracking than their wider, slender counterparts. If you use a thinner tin, reduce the cooking time accordingly. I used standard limes for this, as key limes are hard to come by in May in Southend on Sea, and when I was researching this recipe, the general consensus seemed to be that although key limes are traditional, other limes are acceptable. Some cooks use a blend of limes and lemons to achieve the tart, slightly unripe sourness of a true key lime, so you could do that, I suppose. I’d suggest one lemon to three limes, if you wanted to try it. Serves 6 from 66p each. (This post is not sponsored; I provide links to the ingredients that I use so you can see how I calculate my recipe costs, and I may...

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Pearl Barley, Mushroom & Lentil Risotto, 44p

I have a feeling I should be calling this a ‘barlotto’ rather than a risotto, as the ‘ris’ in risotto refers specifically to rice, and I take enough liberties with that particular medium as it is, with my use of long grain rice in place of arborio to keep the costs down. But risotto, barlotto, whateverotto, this combination of pearl barley and brown lentils is fast becoming my new favourite, having had it in various guises for dinner for the last three nights running. I was once quite intimidated by pearl barley, not being entirely sure what to do...

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Ratatouille, 69p

For the last two years of our courtship, Mrs J has been asking me very nicely to make her a ratatouille. Some childhood memory of a baked potato hot from a food van, piled high with soft, veg-laden ratatouille, stirs within her a bone-deep blissful comfort. Oblivious to the emotional sentiment, I would simply mutter something about ‘not being a frigging cafe’, and make something else. The truth is, I had never made a ratatouille before. My knowledge of it stemmed entirely from a Pixar movie starring a small excitable animated rat, and an indeterminable can of mush I...

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Salted Caramel Banana Milkshake, 36p

The weather is hotting up, and it seems like a lovely day to launch a new milkshake! But if you don’t have £3 to spend on a McDonalds or Five Guys one, here’s one I made earlier. If you’re intending on travelling with it, make sure to put it in a Thermos or similar flask, with an ice cube or two, else it might go a bit…rancid…in these warmer climes. And that would just be horrible. Makes two milkshakes from 36p each. (This post is not sponsored; I provide links to the ingredients that I use so you can...

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