Author: Jack Monroe

Lemon-Drop Tuppence Cookies, 2p

My son, who is nine years old, absolutely adores lemon curd, and we often have half a jar of it knocking around the house. I had had a particularly awful few days with my badly-wired head and poor mental health; an adrenaline crash from coming back off my Veganish book tour, plus a piece of horrible news that sent me into a spiral. I won’t go into it, but it’s been a grim few days round here. So I spent a couple of piteous days eating my way through all of the leftover Christmas junk in the house; four mince pies in one sitting, all of the selection box chocolate I had hidden on top of the fridge, five bags of crisps, a whole packet of grissini – and still craved a swift sugar hit at the end of the day. I know it isn’t sensible, but sometimes you just have to give in to the gremlin and start again tomorrow. Failing to turn up any more crunchy junk no matter how hard I looked, I decided to make my own. Lemon curd already contains sugar and eggs, so I figured it would be a pretty good base to make a light and zesty cookie from. I dug out my battered copy of A Girl Called Jack and roughly worked to the peanut cookie recipe, replacing the butter, sugar...

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