On Valentines Day…


(With my apologies to those of you who are only here for the recipes – occasionally I digress into other things that I feel are important, too, and today instead of sharing my Love Soup recipe or Come To Bed Carbonara again, this came pouring out of my fingertips instead.) Happy Valentines day…  To every man and woman who ever […]

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The Joy Project: 2nd – 8th March 2015


As part of the ongoing Joy Project, here’s some of the things that have made me laugh, smile, and feel joyous this week… Starting with the rogue cheeky pigeon in the bathroom that kept a good few Twitter followers entertained!!                    Jack […]

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The Joy Project


Yesterday, a very kind man asked me to name three things recently that have brought me joy. I was a bit down in the dumps (to put it very, very mildly), it wasn’t an out of the blue question. I paused. “My son. My kids. They bring me joy. They’re so funny, if you just listen to them and their […]

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