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Some News That Is Good.

Hello! Just popping over here quickly to share what I hope will be some good news with you all – and lord only knows we need some of that right now! [deep breath] From Monday 13th April the BBC will be showing a brand new live morning TV show, at 10am on BBC One, Monday to Friday. It’s based on the Saturday Kitchen format, and will be hosted by ME! And Matt Tebbutt, who is a brilliant and experienced presenter and broadcaster and an excellent foil to my awkward, clumsy weirdness. For years and years my readers – you – have been saying that I should do this, and I have been approached dozens and dozens of times. And every time I turned it down, because I didn’t have the confidence, I didn’t believe in myself, I thought I was too odd and anxious and nervous and that everyones belief in me was misplaced. I know I can write, I do that instinctively, but pointing a camera in my face has been a recipe for …

Cornish Yarg Fish Pie, £1.11 [ITV]

I was asked to make a fish pie for ITV This Morning ‘with a Cornish element to it’, so I opted for a healthy dollop of Cornish Yarg in the mash. Yarg is one of my favourite cheeses; it was brought to prominence by a couple called Alan and Jenny Gray (Yarg is ‘Gray’ backwards!) around 30 years ago, after they found a recipe dating from 1615 in a dusty old book in the attic. I love a bit of foodie folklore, so I happily went and found some, but if you can’t get hold of it, you can use a blend of mature cheddar and Caerphilly for a similar flavour. Also, the lovely Gemma in makeup did my HAIR AND LOOK AT IT!! (Back to the fish pie, sorry!) Serves 4-6 from £1.11 per head Mash: 800g white potatoes with skin, 40p (£1/2kg, Farm Stores at Asda) 100g butter, 58p (£1.45/250g, Smartprice at Asda) 120g Cornish Yarg, £2.56 (£5/235g, Waitrose) Filling: 100g sliced leek, 14p (99p/700g, frozen at Asda) 2 sticks celery, 5p (50p/10 …

Twelve Meals For A Fiver [ITV]

Hi folks! If you missed my slot on ITVs ‘Good Morning’ on Friday, ITV have uploaded the footage to their website – you can get it by clicking on that heavily concentrating face of mine below. All the recipes are on my site too – I’ve been getting such lovely comments and feedback, it was a really wonderful day. Thankyou all so much for your support and kindness – hopefully they’ll have me back soon…! (If the picture link doesn’t work – I’ve done thousands of these but this seems to have a persistent gremlin in it – then click here instead!)

Twelve dinners for a fiver – on ITV This Morning!

So I was on ITV this morning as part of their cookery segment, wait, I was their cookery segment! Showing how to create three main meals to feed a family of four, for under a fiver. So if you’re still waiting for payday, in this long stretch between Christmas and now, I’m here to help! (Vegan options to follow – bear with me – I’m typing this in a crowded green room with half an hour to go before I’m on air!) For the Creamy Chicken Dinner, 48p per head, click here For the Fruit And Veg Curry, 54p per head, click here For the Salmon, Lemon and Pea Pasta, 21p per head, click here I’ll be uploading the full video to my YouTube Channel later today (as long as ITV let me have the footage, haha, I have asked really nicely!) and you can subscribe to that here to make sure you don’t miss it! And finally – so so so many of you get in touch to ask me why I don’t have …

BBC2: Election Blind Dates with Jack Monroe and Georgia Toffolo

“What happens when two strong-minded individuals from opposite sides of the political debate sit down for dinner? To find out, the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme organised a series of election blind dates for the general election campaign. Made in Chelsea star Toff, real name Georgia Toffolo, says she had a privileged background and is a Conservative Party member. Political campaigner and food blogger Jack Monroe, who at one time was unemployed and unable to afford food, has been a member of several parties, including the Labour Party. They went into the meal without knowing who they would be meeting. But did they get on?” – From the BBC website, written by Emma Ailes and John Harrison for the Victoria Derbyshire Programme.