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Stand By Me.

Bear with me please, for what I am about to do. Some of my longtime readers may know that when I was a single mum, living on delayed, suspended and cancelled benefits in this hellscape of a smashed-up welfare system that we have in the UK, I held an ‘open house sale’, like a yard sale without the yard, and I sold everything I owned. Everything. My sons bed. My own shoes. Almost all of my books, clothes, crockery, the light fittings, everything. And my beautiful, wooden, upright piano. I stopped singing that day. Poverty literally took my voice away, like Ursula with her manic grin, strangled it out of me. I have since learned that it is a relatively common response to trauma, but, eight years on, that brings me very little comfort.   I used to write my own songs – the last few I ever wrote were about living in that scenario – ‘Whistlestop Tour’, ‘Girl On The Radio’, ‘All Out’ and others. I don’t know where they are these days; probably …

JACKANOSHY, The Recipe Reading Corner by Jack Monroe. Episode 1: Cannelini Beurre Blanc, from Tin Can Cook

Dear readers – it’s been a busy week for me! And I have a few things to share with you all – so buckle up, because there’s a lot to take in. Last week I was invited onto ITV’s This Morning programme to cook three family dinners for four people for a fiver – and viewers at home LOVED it! And what’s more, I really, really enjoyed myself. I’ve been very awkward and nervous about cooking on television or in front of any kind of camera for the last six years, but it was like something snapped very gently inside me that day, and I came home and threw my self doubts and gremlins in the bin. I knew that I had to seize this good feeling and run with it, but, television being fickle and schedules being unpredictable, I didn’t have any idea if I was ever going to be asked back again. (I was, but that’s another story!) So I came home, and decided to record my first ever proper video for YouTube. …

BBC2: Election Blind Dates with Jack Monroe and Georgia Toffolo

“What happens when two strong-minded individuals from opposite sides of the political debate sit down for dinner? To find out, the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme organised a series of election blind dates for the general election campaign. Made in Chelsea star Toff, real name Georgia Toffolo, says she had a privileged background and is a Conservative Party member. Political campaigner and food blogger Jack Monroe, who at one time was unemployed and unable to afford food, has been a member of several parties, including the Labour Party. They went into the meal without knowing who they would be meeting. But did they get on?” – From the BBC website, written by Emma Ailes and John Harrison for the Victoria Derbyshire Programme.