Dear ATOS, my 3 year old can push a button, should I be sending him to work?

Dear Atos Healthcare, I’m writing to you with a concern about a person known to me who is not in work. I am a journalist for a local newspaper, and on doing some research for an article yesterday, came across a very long list of questions that are asked at Atos ‘Work Capability Assessment’ interviews up and down Britain. Questions such as: Can you spell the word ‘world?’ What is 97 minus six? Can you show me your left hand? Can you show me your right hand? Can you touch your nose with your left hand? Can you touch your nose with your right hand? Do you live with people or on your own? Can you wash yourself? Can you dress yourself? Can you feed yourself unaided? As I started to read the questions, a growing sense of doom began to build as I realised that I might know someone who is committing Benefit Fraud. You see, my son, frequently referred to throughout my blog as Small Boy, can spell the word ‘world’. I don’t want to seem like one of those show- off mothers, but he can also touch his nose with his right and left hand when asked, he can wash his face, he dresses himself in the morning, and he doesn’t live by himself. My son is three years old, and from my understanding based on my own research, he would pass an Atos Work Capabilty Assessment […]

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