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Garlicky Broad Beans & Greens Puree, 18p

As a child, I was occasionally served broad beans, cooked in chewy, barely digestible pods, and it took me until well into adulthood to even go near them again. And then I discovered ‘double-podding’. Not just slipping them from their blankety beds with a deftly-applied flick of a well-exercised thumb, but also removing that thick, barely penetrable, greyish skin to reveal a nub of the brightest green, as round and fresh and delectable as the most petit of peas. This, dear reader, changed everything…

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The Only Way Is Ethics?

Choosing a vegan diet is a privilege. ‘But some of the poorest diets in the world are vegan’, I hear you cry. And there, dear reader, does the distinction lie. A diet dictated by poverty is not a choice. A diet lacking in meat and dairy products for wont of the finances, resources and availability of them, is not the same as having access to these products and choosing not to use them.

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