‘A Girl Called Jack’, published Feb 2014, is available to buy from The Hive (supporting your local independent book stores):

You can read the customer reviews (330 last time I checked so plenty to choose from!) here:

‘A Year In 120 Recipes’ was published in October 2014, and is also available to buy at the Hive, here:

And thankyou! I really love blogging, but if you enjoy my recipes and can afford to buy one of them, please help me make a living by picking one of these up – in turn that helps me to keep this blog free and accessible for the people who can’t afford the books. Karma. 🙂

Jack Monroe. You can follow me on Twitter @BootstrapCook and Instagram @MxJackMonroe


  1. Hello Jack, 333 reviews of A Girl Called Jack on Amazon now. 🙂
    I’ve bought both the books and love them both, but wholeheartedly agree with your ethos of wanting to keep the blog free.

    Is there any chance of A Year in 120 Recipes coming out as a mass – market paperback/softback?
    One of the criticisms of the book in reviews is the more costly hardback format. It’s a lovely book and it’s still very affordable, but A Girl Called Jack is substantially cheaper and I was surprised that the format changed. It possibly reflects the fact that the recipes in A Year are a little more costly as well – although by no means in all cases and perhaps fits more with the style of books from other media cooks.
    I bought a copy of A Girl Called Jack for my local library as I felt it was an important book that those most in need should have access to. Hand on heart, I couldn’t say the same for A Year, though it does remain firmly frugal.

    My review of A Year.. is currently the most helpful one on Amazon UK – which is nice! – and I’ve just put the review on USA’s as it didn’t have one.
    For what it’s worth, I would like to support independent bookshops but the nearest one is miles away up here.
    I’m enjoying your latest vegan – style posts .. .do we detect a Vegetarian/Vegan Jack book on the horizon?
    All the best to you and your family, hope you are healing well after your fall.

  2. Hey Jack
    Wow what an inspiration you are Id like to thank you massively for your amazing books and blogs this past year myself and my partner have been finding out feet in this big wide world trying to find the best ways to save our penny’s not only has ‘A girl called jack’ helped us to do that it has also helped Tom (my partner) actually cook somthing other then toast and a tin of soup. Then ‘ A year in 120 recipes’ arrived well then family didn’t struggle with our christmas presents (as I never shut up about how amazing this book is) they knew to get that for us along with bits and pieces/ tools to assist us in the kitchen. 🙂

    Your microwave recipes are coming in handy but having to jot them on paper has I prefer to look straight at it rather then scroll through the screen so would be helpful if you could publish these im sure us fans would help give the book a name 🙂

    Until then I continue to use ‘A girl called Jack’ like a bible and I only have you to thank for making my cooking experience cheap, fun, tasty and healthy we both feel the great benefits everyday when looking at our bank balance, in the mirror and within ourselves in general.

    We are blessed to have found you and your quirky ways 🙂

    Much love to you and your family

  3. Amazing it’s three in the morning and I’m up, looking for ways to make my pension go further this week and just by chance I came across you jack,you are a lovely soul with an amazing spirit ,some of your fortitude I will be taking to the supermarket later on this morning ,thanks for making this worried pensioner laugh .xxxx

  4. I REALLY wanted to pledge for a book. I tried numerous times last night with a debit card which was fully loaded and operational, I was declined each and every time. I tried this morning a couple of times and that didn’t work. I tried with my husbands card which is a different bank and neither is that working. Sorry. I have things to do. Its just not working for some reason.

  5. Just got the Kickstarter notice that the new book is funded! I’m looking forward to getting my copy … with any luck by the time my birthday rolls around at the end of February!

  6. Please do a vegan book Jack. Show the world that we vegans aren’t freaks and do actually eat, and even enjoy good food. And we have plenty of protein too. In fact we can be very healthy – and it costs far less than being a carnivore. And so on and so on.

  7. Jack how can I order cooking on a bootstrap. I’ve managed the last year on £1 per day and need some new inspiration

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