Photos from the Fortnum & Mason Food And Drink Awards

Kindly sent to me by Lindsay from Fortnum & Mason. Not to be reproduced without permission.








Top to bottom:

1. Claudia Winkleman and her famous friend!

2. Impromptu nervous speech, which lots of people on Twitter then called ‘the best speech of the night’. Possibly due to the line: “I thought you’d all only invited me here because you felt sorry for me and wanted me to have some free blinis.” – If the food thing fails I’ll go into stand up.

3. More wittering. Sorry about that. And yes, I have tattoos. Surprise! And no, I didn’t spend my grocery money on them. That’s the totally awesome thing about tattoos, you can get them done in 2010 when you have a decent job and they’ll still be hanging around in 2013 when you’re cursing at your cold pasta.

4. Claudia-and-me being like, one conjoined person, and Ewan Venters, CEO of F&M, looking very happy.

5. Ewan giving me my shiny. I’m still in shock and grinning like a fool. I never claimed to have street cred or be photogenic.

6. Me and Tom PB. Possibly the nicest man I’ve met in my life and the ‘other person in jeans’.

7. Me and SB, in our matching suits.

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe


  1. Thank you..was so hoping we’d get some pics..

    My favorite is you and SB…

    However, have to mention, Jack, you look TRULY impressive. I can see that when you get to be Prime Minister, or Head of Penguin, or CEO of Jack Monroe and Company, you will do MOST well. Most well indeed. Already you appear with aplomb and polish.

    So very glad I stumbled accross your blog/food /shopping / news blog.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS. Is there no end to your talents? It has been a privilege to follow your journey in monthly chapters of growth into a powerful woman, who fully embraces the maxim, “If it’s going to be, then it’s up to me” Keep powering ahead with those recipes, people’s politics, and thought provoking words.

  3. Great photographs, especially of you and SB: it’s a darling picture. Such a memorable occasion for both of you 😀

  4. Great photos Jack. I love the fact you were wearing jeans, albeit very nice ones. At least you’ll get plenty of wear from them in everyday life rather than them being stuck in the wardrobe waiting for your next awards ceremony. Well done, you carried it off really well with your usual intelligence and good humour.

  5. “Daarling”, glad you had a lovely time…I think we would of been a bit disappointed if you had turned out to be a tiara and pearls kinda gal!

  6. Great photos,
    Your son is completely adorable!!!!
    Hope you really enjoyed your night.
    Sooz. x

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