Sometimes I make things that I love so much, I savour them slowly, wondering how I’ll ever bring myself to eat anything else again. This is one of those moments – one of those silent moments of appreciative bliss when I go all When Harry Met Sally about food.

(Although this time, it’s a drink.)

This time, it’s Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate.

Ingredients (makes one mug, easily, dangerously doubled):

50ml water
3 squares of chocolate
1 heaped tablespoon of peanut butter
150ml milk (for vegans, almond milk is amazing in this, for an extra smooth nutty flavour…)

This is really simple. Pop the water and peanut butter and chocolate together in a small saucepan on a medium heat. Stir well until the chocolate and peanut butter have melted and form a glossy, sticky paste. Add a splash of the milk and stir in, repeat with a bigger splash, and then the rest. Don’t just pour it all in at once – it will be hard to get the lumps out!

Pour into your favourite mug, sit, forget about everything else.

Oh my goodness me. I think I need another one.

**TIP** You can use milk powder and 150ml water to make up the milk for this, or if you keep regular milk in the house, use that instead for an even richer taste.

**TIP** You can make this in the microwave too. Just add the peanut butter, chocolate and water to a jug or your mug, and melt for 20 seconds. Remove and stir. Add half the milk, microwave again for 20 seconds, remove and stir. Repeat with the rest of the milk. It won’t be as creamy as the saucepan method, but it’s still a bloomin’ delicious treat.

**TIP** I made mine with crunchy peanut butter, as it was all I had in the kitchen, and just ate the crunchy bits from the bottom of the mug when I’d finished. You can always strain them out if you’re not that keen!

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe


  1. I wonder, in the interest of time, if leftover Halloween “Reeses Peanut Butter Bits” might be melted down. Guess I will try it out because it is really cold here in the mountains, and this sounds like a comfort/fireplace treat!

  2. u can buy a peanut butter hot drink but for the price of it I cant bring myself to buy it, now I can have it a lot cheaper and no doubt tastier YAY!!

  3. Oh my gosh… I think I might have just died and gone to heaven. How on earth am I meant to stick to 1200 calories a day with goodness like this in existence?

    • My sentiments exactly, I just worked out the calories and it came to 298! Not good at the end of the day when I was close to my limit already 🙁 At least next time I’ll know and be able to alter my intake to accommodate this gorgeous treat x

  4. Jack,
    I found out about you through the NYT article, and let me tell you that the rest of the US is going to go nuts about this drink. I’ll post it in the newsletter my financial education program runs! Fortunately for my waist and heart, while I love both dark chocolate and peanut butter I can’t stand the combo!

  5. Jack,

    This is nuts! You’ll have us all kibbying in a corner over this!

    And with this crazy cold weather to Boot!


    Be well,


    • Any Peanuts around? Just grind them (a stick blender and a tall jug work fine, so does a mouli or what have you).

  6. If you up the quantities of chocolate and peanut butter, reduce the amount of milk and add in some golden syrup you’ve got a cheat’s version of Nigella’s incredible peanut butter chocolate sauce. Insanely good over vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with roughly chopped salted peanuts. Once I realised I could swap the cream in her recipe for milk I knew I was in dangerous territory….store cupboard ingredients, quick to make and still totally delicious with budget versions.

  7. I’ve never met a hot chocolate I didn’t like. This is surely going to be no different. I’ll probably add rum, but only because I’m in the Navy and should be seen to be doing that sort of thing.

  8. Goodness me, this looks wonderful!

    Jack, if you find the time, could you please do a post on cheap alternatives to shop-bought cordial/squash? My children just will not drink water, and 90% of what’s available in the supermarket has aspartame in; I can’t afford the stuff that doesn’t.

    That pretty much leaves me with milk. Lovely as it is, it becomes tiresome after a while!

  9. Jack that cup looks lovely is it handmade if so give up link please. Hope your tummy is feeling better from trip.

  10. Damn! Why did I click on this?! Why!? Just made some and sitting here sipping it whilst I type. Oh that’s so nice but I may have to go to bed afterwards so I don’t make anymore. (and no I didn’t add one heaped teaspoon of peanut butter goodness into the saucepan and then another into my gob. Nopey nope… I didn’t.. nope) *looks shifty*

  11. That sounds gorgeous, I do have a liking for these type of drinks. Instead of using normal milk, or reconstituting powdered milk, you could use evaporated milk. Water it down 1 part evaporated milk to 1 part water to get milk at normal strength, or use less water to get a richer milk. If you are feeling really decadent use condensed milk to get a serious sugar hit.

  12. Lovely recipe Jack – just tried it and it’s so so good! I used a handful of milk chocolate melts (left over from Christmas-gift baking) and powdered milk and added a teaspoon of sugar. About as delicious as it gets 🙂

  13. I’d have never thought to mix peanut butter with hot chocolate! I love both so will have a go. Thanks, Jack. Hope you are feeling better now.

  14. Much as I adore chocolate and peanut butter, I really can’t do drinking chocolate, so, luckily for my waistline, this doesn’t appeal. However, for my hot chocolate and peanut butter on toast loving son this is nirvana! I don’t mind, these ingredients are a lot less spooky than many of the flavoured hot chocolates out there 🙂

  15. I can never keep chocolate in the house – it disappears faster than it comes in – so I made mine using a heaped tsp cocoa powder (NB not drinking chocolate , you’ll need more of that for the chocolate hit if that’s all you’ve got). Mine was probably less sweet, but still good and delish! It also strikes me that if you can handle the calories, this is instant LUNCH in a mug, and probably better for you than nutritionless cup soups!

    • I was thinking similar Linda, but more for those times when your not really hungry but just need SOMETHING to take the edge off. And given that chocolate is a bean ergo ‘vegetable’, and
      peanut butter is protein………

  16. Naughty but nice. You’d never think to experiment with hot chocolate and peanut butter. Do any of the experiments turn out yuck, Jack? How do you go about creating something original and tasty?

  17. Wowza! My all time favourite sweet is Reeses Peanut Butter cups – it’s just such a good taste combination! And what’s great about this home made drink is that it’ll be lower sugar than shop-bought pre-made ones (if you use dark chocolate/high cocoa anyway)

  18. This looks so good. But I don’t have any peanut butter in the house! And it is Sunday night! Gutted. But tomorrow night will be a different story….

  19. Not sure I fancy this – don’t really like milky drinks. But peanut butter and chocolate ice cream springs to mind. That would be sensational. Like the drink only frozen.

  20. OMG! So awesome! I never would have thought of this myself. I used white chocolate with white chocolate peanut butter a coworker just brought me from the USA and vanilla soy milk. I think I’m in love.

  21. Oh, so tempting, darn!!! No peanut butter in the cupboard!! I will definitely give it a go tomorrow. I cannot wait. Cheers Jack!!

  22. Just discovered you. Love the recipes. I made this today…a bit different as I didn’t have any peanut butter. I used almond butter instead and since I didn’t have any almond milk made used coconut milk.
    Absolutely yummy and oh so filling. Will try it with peanut butter on my next trip to the store.

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