I started writing my blog, A Girl Called Jack, in February 2012, in response to a local councillor who claimed that ‘druggies, drunks and single mums are ruining the High Street.’ What started as a local politics blog developed into budget food and recipes, which were picked up with interest by the national press as I detailed living with my son on a food budget of just £10 a week due to delays in unemployment benefits, and sometimes they weren’t paid at all. Housing Benefit seems to be exceptionally messy, especially if you lose your job or move house, or both.

I ended up writing a cookbook for Penguin based on my blog, that was published in February 2014. My second cookbook was more of a food diary through the rollercoaster year that took me from sleeping on a mattress on the floor of a bedroom in a house share, to having a food column in the Guardian and a book that sat at the top of the paperback charts – a thing that still humbles and amazes me.

I am an active campaigner, fronting a petition with Unite, The Trussell Trust and The Mirror demanding politicians debate the causes of foodbank use and hunger in Britain. Within 4 days the petition had secured 100,000 signatures, and the debate was held in the House Of Commons three weeks later. I am a patron of The Food Chain, and support The Trussell Trust, Child Poverty Action Group, and Oxfam.

And I’m a totally out gay woman. So if that kind of thing offends you, well, you’re not going to like my blog. I’ve been in the Independent’s Pink List for the last 2 years (it’s a Rainbow List now!) and on the front cover of Diva magazine twice – I never really saw myself as cover girl material, but it’s been a pretty strange few years.

I wrote a weekly recipe column for The Guardian for 2 years, and regularly contribute political bits to The Mirror, The Independent and The Guardian. I was once a regular on the Sky News sofa before school runs put paid to all of that, Channel 4 and BBC radio, commenting on food, politics, and current affairs.

I’ve won some stuff over the past few years, notably a large bronze eagle from the Women Of The Year award, Best Food Blog at the OFM awards, Judges Choice Award at the Fortnum And Mason Food And Drink Awards, and some other bits and pieces that are used as door stops around the house because, well, what are you meant to do with them?!

Some people I like lots said some nice stuff too:

“Sassy, political, and cooking amazing food on GBP10 a week. We need more like her”. (Xanthe Clay, The Telegraph).

“She is a breath of fresh air in the cooking world” – Nigel Slater.

“Every now and then a food writer with a fresh and authentic voice comes along, and Jack Monroe is that rare find. Her recipes are founded on the ideal of eating well on a budget, but there is nothing drab about her food: it’s as vibrant as her voice; and A Girl Called Jack is full of food with bold flavour, recipes that beg to become part of your daily repertoire. This is a book with charm and brio, and a true helpmeet in the kitchen.” – Nigella Lawson.

“Compelling, if sobering reading.” – Lisa Markwell, The Independent on Sunday.

…and some people I don’t like so much said some things that I take wildly out of context to read as more flattering than they were intended:

“A cross between Yvette Cooper and Delia Smith, with tattoos.” – Richard Littlejohn, The Daily Mail.

Jack Monroe || Twitter: @BootstrapCook|| http://www.cookingonabootstrap.com


  1. From the young girl in high school who sang at Star for a Night….to where and what you are now – I am amazed and proud of your strength both physical and mental. I can say with certainty you inspire others xx

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  2. Hi Jack. Love your stuff. Keep up the good work and dont let the buggers ever get you down. Your life will turn out well, of that I have no doubt.

  3. so,
    a) do you work?
    b) do you pay taxes ?
    c) do you pay your own rent / mortgage ?
    Bet the answer is:
    a) Not legally / declared.
    b) No way.
    c) No, housing benefit / child benefit etc

    • a) Yes I work.
      b) Apart from a period of unemployment from November 2011 – September 2012, yes I have always paid taxes.
      c) Yes I pay my rent, and rent private accommodation.

      I hope you didn’t actually bet on that, because you lost on all three counts.

      • Well said, Jack. It is unbelievable that there are people who really believe that anyone would want to be poor, on benefits and not work and that they think that people would actually opt for this in some way as an easy option. I am lucky. For now at least money is OK but who knows how long this will last as life is so unpredictable. I pay taxes and believe that this is necessary to ensure that society is a decent place for my kids to grow up in. I have three kids and as our whole family is vegetarian I just love your blog and have cooked many similar things myself on many occasions. I am lucky enough to be able to afford some luxuries for now but processed food is something that I try really hard to avoid as strongly believe that meat and processed foods are one the reasons that we have so many health problems (particularly cancer) in our society. I may be wrong but I am much happier to actually know what my kids are eating! Oh, and jam! Don’t forget jam. So much free fruit out there at the right time of year! Good luck with it all. I now have a big list of your recipies to try out! 🙂

      • Strange that someone who lives under the pseudonym of “Sponger” should try denigrating someone like you Jack……….I’ve only just recently stumbled upon a recipe of yours and was fascinated to read all about you. Congratulations on all you’ve achieved thus far and wish you every success in the future…… Fond regards…….John

    • please don’t think all people are the same. I am in Australia and I have a friend who has 2 kids, she is on single parents benefits as hubby left and pays nothing. She regularly has little food, no toilet paper, and struggles day to day. she does not ask for help and conceals her hardship. The benefits were reduced and she does have some work but she is sick with worry.

    • Wow, what a nice person you seem to be John. Your comment was totally irrelevant, so I’m guessing you’re a troll, but needed to let you know that your sort of nasty, presumptous and damning attitude towards unemployed people and benefit recipients doesn’t do any good for anyone. There are lots of people with mental health problems and various other issues that make gaining and maintaing employment very difficult, which is in turn made harder by stigma and black and white thinking. There is nowhere near enough genuine support to actually help people back into work, and I know people who have desperately wanted to get out of unemployment and had to deal with a hell of a lot of guilt and depression because of it, but received no health or practical support to overcome the barriers they were facing.

      Again, your comment on this great website is totally unfounded and rude, and I couldn’t just let it lie there, despite the fact that this discussion has nothing to do with Jack.

      Jack: Thanks so much for your great work.


      • Ahhhhhh Liz….
        I think you should go back and re:read the comments, especially the one writing by John that you are slating. John was defending Jack by responding to the poster “sponger”
        You make some valid points, however it might be best top ensure they are directed at the correct person, not someone who feels the same as you.
        All the best

    • Jack is an inspiration to so many people. What have you accomplished in your life apart from being a bitter person?

  4. If there’s one thing I hate about the internet it’s people who slag off others whilst not being prepared to give their real names. It’s just cowardice.

  5. Loved your inspiring article in the Evening Echo. Picked up a copy in Ambleside College Cafe.Very inspiring and real ‘grassroots’ understanding of life. I predict you are on the verge of a new Journalistic career, as well as giving Talks to Young Mums’groups and the like. Am going to photocopy your article and tell others about your website. Well done Jack!

  6. I read an article about you in The Telegraph today. I believe that you have a good career in journalism (and related fields ) ahead of you. Well done for being perceptive, creative and determined. I don’t know which I am most impressed with – your cooking and budgetary skills or your awareness and writing skills. Anyway, you’ve made my day with your enterprise and I will read your blog whenever I get the time.
    Jack of all trades – tip top.

  7. Two words ‘go girl’. Saw you on tv this morning, very impressed with your outlook and attitude. I will be following your blogs from now on.

  8. I also saw you on the news this morning. You are a real inspiration to other young people out there. Really love your ‘can do’ attitude. Looking forward to trying out your recipes even although i am not on a tight budget – they looked yummy!

  9. Absolutely inspired by your feature on bbc Breakfast. I’m going to try your cooking for a week. You are great.

  10. I have been this broke when I was young growing up with my single parent Mum and not quite so, on recent occasions. I think you highlighting, through various medias, poverty in the UK is fantastic and I applaud you for taking the bit between your teeth and getting it out there!

    New follower here!

    With respect

    Jonquil x

    • I brought my son up on lentils and home cooked food when I was studying with the OU. I have the degree, a great job and as a single mum, my son and I look back to those times of poverty with fond memories. We may have been poor, but we cooked well. Now we are affluent and still cook similar meals, albeit with better ingredients! My son often says, I should do a cook session for those who can’t and were not taught to cook. Here for any help!

  11. Wow- your T.V. interview moved me to tears – my ‘children’ are your age/generation and you are an inspiration – hope you (and your little boy) have a lovely life; we have tried the lentil burgers and they were wonderful.. Everything that goes around comes around – and you and many others of your generation are going back to ‘real’ cooking – well done. Debbie

  12. Our children provide us with our strength and inspiration. Looks like you you have harnessed yours wisely. Well done and best wishes for your very bright future. Great blog- can’t wait to get started on the recipes.

  13. I just wanted to say I think your blog and recipes in particular are brilliant! Money is always tight for me so I will definitely be trying out some of your recipes! I also happen to work in a supermarket so I am lucky in the way I will get 10% off as well! Thanks again, I think a lot of people in Britain especially could learn from you!

  14. Please email me and I’ll give you my phone number. I live in Southend too and I’d really like to help you out with some weekly foodshopping. We could meet at sainsburys in Southend.

    Sarah x

  15. Your son is going to grow up to be an amazing man with a role model such as yourself, showing him drive, determination and positive thinking ! Amazing what you’ve achieved ! Inspiring !

  16. I understand that you’ve got a job now as a reporter, and a book deal. WELL DONE. The next step (if you’re up for it) is to get elected as a MP. Heaven knows this country needs honorable representatives who’ve actually HAD a job outside of politics – and have tasted the utter despair & degradation of being branded scroungers by the weak minded people who’ve been brainwashed by this governments propaganda machine. Speaking of propaganda, if you want an insight into the ideology of this gov & it’s continual vilification of the weak, unemployed, disabled etc then read the study by Dr Mark Mostert, it’s titled “Useless eaters”, Here’s the web address – http://www.regent.edu/acad/schedu/uselesseaters/today.html
    I’m sure you’ll find it disturbing – I did !!

  17. Jack, you are an amazing woman. I am a volunteer for The Foodbank and I know the hardship that so many people are going though. It makes me so mad when the recipients of food parcels are described as wasters and scroungers because I know that the vast majority of them are just like you, deperate for work or even have a job but so badly paid they cannot manage their rent and bills as well as food.
    Please keep going and if you do stand for Parliament I would vote for you.

  18. Jack, you are truly inspirational. I like to think that I’m pretty good at rustling something up from bits left in the fridge, but you are doing it much better, on a budget much less than mine. Best of luck in the future – I would love to see you as an MP!

  19. I heard about your blog at a WI meeting and don’t often use the Internet but wanted to tell you how wonderful your recipes and how inspiring you must be for many many peoplr

  20. Wonderful wonderful stuff. Well done you for being so proactive and positive throughout all the trials you’ve been through. I’m sure you will keep moving onwards and upwards Jack!

  21. Hi jack I am a worn out taxi driver in Liverpool I want you for prime mine roster the merger cat John good luck

  22. Jack – I’ve only just discovered you after getting myself back into some sort of financial normality (by which I mean lots of debt but at least they are now being paid off in comparison to last year when I couldn’t see a light at the end of it).
    I’m currently sitting on the sofa, in my onesie feeling poorly so going to make the most of it and delve into your treasure trove of recipes and write them into my cook book ready for shopping on a budget this weekend.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work and for making some incredible (albeit why-didn’t-i-think-of-that) recipes! Excited! X

  23. Thankyou for leading by example, all single parents are not the same. I, like you get mad at the constant negativity about single parents – It is exactly the same here in Oz.

  24. I was feeling so low today finding myself in a similar situation and looking after my teenage son. As the not so unusual single Dad I find it hard to make ends meet but Jack your words have inspired me that no matter how much others don’t care I do and will use you as my inspiration

    Much love thoughts and respect

    D x

  25. Hi Jack you are very inspirational and very brave and i really believe you have a real good chance to change the views of so many people in regards to what is important about the situation you found your self in. And surviving on less, there is far to much convenience which costs a fortune only to go into the profit of some fat cat . LOOK WHERE THATS GETING US .. Good luck with every thing. paul Dodsworth. France.

  26. Hey Jack, I didn’t know about your blog or books before but for some reason watched question time last night for first time in months. and thought your comments fresh and poignant. Thanks!

  27. Tried Tradgedy Mash, bought your book and saw you on Question Time all on the same day. Thanks for all!

  28. Working as a volunteer with families in similar circumstances to those you describe has been a real eye opener to me in my comfortable existence. I have learned all about benefit gaps, bailiffs and how to survive for 6-10 weeks with no income without resorting to crime. Every day is a struggle for some families and yet they find the strength to keep going and often the compassion to help others too. I found your work today and felt very inspired – thank you. A copy of your book already on my Kindle and will be in the hands of ‘my’ mums shortly.

  29. I have been reading your column in the Guardian since you began.
    I am a pensioner in fairly comfortable circumstances now, but 40 – 50 years ago bringing up a family would have welcomed such help! And I still find your recipes useful and tasty regardless of cost. Keep it up – your ideas are needed.

  30. Jack, just wanted to say you were great on question time! You are an inspiration! Hope you go from strength to strength, I definately hope you do look at going into politics, this country needs strong sensible people like you to tell it like it is. But keep on doing what you’re doing, be happy x

  31. At last! Someone talking real sense on QT ……. normally I head off to bed, leaving my husband shouting at the panel, but luckily I hung around and was rewarded by your honest, incisive take on how life really IS for many people in 21st century Britain. I had never heard of you till then Jack, but will be following your journey. By chance ( I think!), I was shopping in Sainsbury’s last night and spotted your book and spent the rest of the evening reading it and drooling over the fantastic recipes. My husband, like me, was chastened and moved by Hunger Hurts and HH twelve months on.
    You are a remarkable young woman and I look forward to you seeing and hearing much more about you in the public arena! You have given great hope to a 63 year old woman and a 77 year old man in rural Shropshire ……. keep it up!!!

  32. My youngest daughter is working her way through a masters in London and struggling financially – she asked me for some economical recipes – in the next couple of days I heard Jack being interviewed on radio 2 about her new book “a girl calledJack” it was amazing. I bought the book for youngest daughter but after reading it also ordered it for myself, eldest daughter read it and loved it so I bought if for her too – next was second son “get me that book Mum it’s great”‘ we all love it, not just for the fabulous recipes not just for the cheap meals but because jack is refreshing, interesting, plausible and real – thank you

  33. Hello Jack,
    I am recently preparing for my cooking GCSEs and I think you are a massive inspiration for the recipes that I do 🙂
    The peach and lentil curry is delicious!

  34. Wish i could find some articulate way to let you know exactly how much you mean to so many people. You have made those weeks (or months) when i am scrabbling around the backs of empty cupboards looking for an interesting way to feed two toddlers something i can be proud of. Reading your story shows us that struggling isn’t something to be ashamed of but something that proves what we are really made of. Love you so much and i hope you get all the happiness you deserve.

  35. Hi Jack. I just want to say a huge thank you for writing this blog. I have never suffered from food poverty but I, like many others, find it hard to make ends meet and I am also trying to cook healthy meals on a budget. I have only just discovered your blog and your story and I am really amazed. You are an inspiration! Thank you. Jo x

  36. You are so inspiring. I used to be a single parent . I was raised well but ended up a single parent with very little support. My life changed. I vowed to bring my child up in a loving home but there were times I’d have to wear sandals in the autumn (I couldn’t afford boots as my heel broke) all money I had went on bills and making sure my daughter was okay. I struggled for years . As I was nicely spoken , dressed nicely (my clothes came from second hand stores too ) people assumed I was living a good life. I even had a neighbour in the street where I rented a flat , think I was a nanny ! People’s assumptions of others can be so wrong. They didn’t see me cry when I couldn’t afford bread and my then three year old emptied her pennies from her money box to help us eat. I’m now happily married to an amazing man. I have another child and gone are the days where I struggle to feed and clothe my family. However the reality of the struggle makes me grateful everyday for what I have now. People should stop judging and maybe realize life isn’t black and white. You are amazing Jack.

  37. I read about your book in a Danish paper and immediately ordered a copy. I am really impressed both of your own story, and your engangement in fighting against food poverty both the political way and with your lovely recepies, which are delicate and simple to prepare. Plus your sensible advice at the end of the book. I hope your bext book will be in the same line. You are greatly inspiring.
    How do you manage to grow coriander and parsley in a window sill? When I try, they look more than sad within no time. So some good advice would be appreciated.
    All the best. Trine, Denmark


  38. You are an amazing human being. Your intelligence and personnality are rare! I am a foreign girl in london, trying to make sense of the low paid job/expensive rent system and your blog is an inspiration.

  39. Dear Jack
    Borrowed your book of my wonderful librarian Lillan in our mobile library yesterday.
    Cried my way through Hunger Hurt today.
    Was a single mother when my son was little. We could always afford to eat, but rarely afford meat. And I dreaded dental bills and other expensive things that could topple our budget.
    Mentally I was helped because the Simple-livning movement came to Denmark and I could say to myself; “It is much better for the environment that I can not buy anything.”
    Hope it’s okay that I’m writing about your book and your blog on det-enkle-liv.dk which is a blog about living simple?
    Thank you for your amazing inspiration – I wanted to sign up as a volunteer for Mødrehjælpen – which helps single parents in DK, although I have promised myself not to do more volunteer work after 32 years of faithful service:-) But I can always run down and give them something to help out.

    All the best!

  40. I really can’t think of anything to add to the numerous positive comments on here about you, except to say that this is the first time i have read a cookery book and been truly excited by it. And i am a middle aged man who struggles to cook decent basic food. I have picked out 10 recipes from your first book and will give them a go. Keep up the good work and stay true to yourself.

  41. I now have both books of yours and have spent a lot of time telling people about you and your recipes. Full of good advice and great recipes saves a lot of money on shopping. Keep it up!

  42. Heard your interview on radio 2 drive time show earlier tonight and thought,way to go girl . Will buy both your books at the weekend for a gift to my nephew who is from a single parent home and has gone off to university.Well done

  43. Just read your Tweets regarding Cameron, and thought greatest of respect to you for your direct approach, I’m with you all the way, ignore the fools, and keep saying it as it is.

  44. What a thoughtful, kind and awesome person you are jack, helping a lot of people out with not only yours ideas for good food, but your campaigning too. Well done, we need more people like you around x

  45. I’m out of the TV personality loop, as I live abroad, but am aware of the indignities being visited on my own country and though I’d not really heard of you before, your answer to the trolls is fantastic one and can see you are so much more than a mere personality. I cannot understand why anyone would troll you, you epitomise the self-motivation they say the poor are lacking. You have come from difficult times to gain success, due entirely to your own hard work. And you continue to work hard it seems. Of course however hard we work there is an element of luck involved too. Where there is good luck sometimes there is also bad luck and we have an equal lack off control over when that hits us. That is why the welfare state is needed as it helps us through those bad times so that we can keep energy and hope when the luck shifts back to our benefit again. Keep up the good work helping the poor stay healthy and keep being direct and strong in your defence of the moral obligation the politicians have towards all sectors of the British population, not just their rich friends, and call them out on the myriad times they fail. Inspirational.

  46. I think you’re generally wonderful but as for your joining the Greens, I have to remark on the irony. You publish recipes containing meat, which technically nobody needs to live, yet join a party with a policy that forbids learning lessons from animals that people need to live. See Green policy AR414. Killing to save lives is not ok but killing for lunch is?

    • Wherein, Jim, lies the problem with political parties. If one had to avoid being a member of, or voting for, a party on the basis that one disagreed with a single individual policy (or proposed policy, given that unless a party has an unassailable majority in government, any proposed policy is no more than “I wish”), then one could only ever vote for oneself.

      If one takes the Green Party message to be, broadly, “neither hating people nor nature”, then that surely puts them a step ahead of many of the other negative and divisive offerings out there, doesn’t it?

      • Well hey, it’s only a matter of life and death. Seriously, it’s the one reason I’m not a member. This one policy seems to betray a hatred of people because it’s a death sentence if you suffer from the wrong disease. I can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those wishing for that.

  47. ‘a policy that forbids learning lessons from animals that people need to live’ – Jim – the way you frame this is disingenuous. in particular AR415 addresses the replacement to animal testing, putting the budget from that, instead into other ways to test drugs. torturing and killing animals isnt the only way to test drugs and lets be honest here ‘learning lessons from animals’ means horribly torturing and killing them. people do not need this to live. and again AR415 points to possibly the most important point in this, if we all started living a bit more healthier and stopped completely toxifying our environment with industrial waste, fracking, plastic, oil spills etcetcetc perhaps we might start to notice a drop in the amount of strange neuro-diseases and cancers that seem to be an epidemic at the moment.

    • I’m all for replacement (all 3 Rs in fact), and so is the existing law. You already can’t get a licence for an experiment where there’s a non-animal alternative.

      You say “‘learning lessons from animals’ means horribly torturing and killing them.” whereas A414 bans “all experimentation and research which harms animals”. But “harm” (“having the potential to cause pain, suffering, distress, lasting harm or death in animals,”) does not imply “horribly torturing and killing”. Meat does! Even cow’s milk does since it requires a suckling calf is taken from its mother (this is torture, to my mind).

      “People do not need this to live” – how I envy your ignorance. Sometimes it comes down to choosing whether an animal dies and we find a cure, or a million people (plus all animals of the same species and others) die of that disease or condition in the future. It’s not at all nice, but sadly it is real. How else would you decide whether a baby with a heart defect has a better chance staying full term in the womb or needs surgery before then? You’d rather the babies just die? I can’t stand with you.

  48. Just read your article explains why you went Green. Sitting having tea in Ontario, Canada your words resonated with me about our political parties and my growing discomfort. Thank you for clarifying my feelings. Our Liberals look and sound like our Conservatives. Time to take a walk in another direction. Is there a fallacy in logic for strategic voting?
    Thank you,

  49. Hi Jack, I have been a pescetarien since last May and when I went to Barcelona last year to visit a friend, she cooked your chilli. Oh wow, I was blown away. I have not been cooking recently due to a very close bereavement (I have to be in a good place to cook) but in the last week I have started using your cook books. I am thrilled with the results. Your recipes are so easy to follow and of course, low cost. The flavours I have been producing are so nice. You have reminded me why I enjoy cooking. Thank you so much. Warmest wishes to you and your family x

  50. I can’t see how you would have the time to read all these comments, but I wanted to say that I started using your low-cost recipes (and bought your first book) as a money-saving trial. Now I really NEED your recipes and tips, as I’m now 70 years old and my elderly dog needs medication and special diet costing me £100 per month. So a huge THANK YOU, Jack, for helping me to look after my treasured companion without stinting on tasty, nourishing meals. I am so grateful to you. xx I hate to think that your personal circumstances are upsetting you. Big (((((((HUG))))))).

  51. Hi Jack,

    I found your blog via an article you wrote for The Guardian (UK).
    Your story has touched my heart and highlights the difficulties faced by so many single parents as well as society’s entrenched inequalities as a whole. Thank you for sharing your story so openly and honestly. I look forward to reading more and trying out your vegan recipes 🙂

    Wishing you all the best,


  52. Thanks Seb, ,much appreciated you “putting things right”……….for the life of me I couldn’t think what on earth I’d done wrong!

  53. Hi Jack, Ive just been referred to your blog by a Facebook “budget” group chat. I have been on benefits since October last year, and I also rent privately (which is a nightmare) I work as a carer for the elderly, but am on a 0 hour contract….some weeks i will only work 1 hour = £8!! Its really hard, as you well know; I’ve had a look at your recipes, and they look fabulous! With a bit of minor tweaking, I could dedfinitely start doing some for my lot. Single mums/benefit recipients get a lot of unfair press at the best of times, especially “Benefit Street” on Channel 5….its just so refreshing hearing from someone that has totally taken charge of their life and turned it around!! Best of luck to you, Jack – you’re a star xxx

  54. Thank you, Jack. For being a source of inspiration in the kitchen, for being a voice of understanding reason and for having so much infectious energy.
    I was faced with numerous nasty decisions last year one of them being the choice between financial stability or settled children. My now 8 year old boy is autistic and hates any babysitter apart from 1 15year old, and my now 10 year old girl was going through hell as the main target of his tantrums and shoe-throwing escapades.
    I am unpopular with both my family and my inlaws for reaching the conclusion that its is unfair to rely on a teenager, and took on the boy wrangling for myself.
    Money has been tight, as hubby is self-employed, either gardening or selling door to door as the season dictates (and yes, for the trolls, everything is declared).
    If your books and blog have taught me anything, its that I’m not alone and that’s priceless. So I say again, thank you Jack. And thanks to everyone else who’s shared as well.

  55. New follower here! Recently found your blog and had to share it with the single parent group I’m in on facebook as it’ll help so many of them, myself included. Would love to buy the book, can you tell me what it’s called and where I can buy it?

  56. Hi just came across site,truly aspiring,im single mum of two and know how damn hard this is,im i cannot work.see no way out.im studying online at moment,lots of problems,not with kids father long story.been raising alone,theyre 16 and 17 now. Hate being on benefits,terrified when money stops how i will live.goodness yr a strong person.wish had you living near me!

  57. Not sure if this is of interest to anyone, but the increase of food banks really concerns me. So me and my family decided to try to live on £1 a day each and give the rest of our shopping budget to charity. I made a blog about it if you want to see how we got on. Maybe it’s even got some tips and recipes people can use.

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